Nov. 6th, 2012

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Happy Election Day, US voters! Whatever the results, tomorrow will be a day of freedom, especially for those of us in or adjacent to swing states.

I voted during the early voting period last week, but saved my sticker to wear today. There was a really long line to vote early, but given the reports from Twitter and my coworkers, I wouldn't have done any better this morning. Kudos to all of you who are freezing in the long lines this morning!

It's not much of a secret (at least to anyone who follows me on Twitter) that I very happily voted for Obama, but what made me actually tear up with pride this time was casting my vote in favor of Question 6, Maryland's Marriage Equality referendum. This will approve or reject the marriage equality law passed by our state legislature and signed by our governor earlier this year. Marriage equality has never been passed in any US State by a popular vote before, so this is a big, historic deal. It's received a great deal of public support from political, religious, and community leaders and a good bit of money from me, so I'll be holding my breath for this as well as for the similar measures in Washington, Maine, and Minnesota.

Oh hey, just got a tweet that if you vote for Obama, Eric Balfour will come and wash your car naked! If you're a US voter and you have a car, that's a pretty good deal!
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How could I forget my favorite Election Day tradition??

Okay, so it has nothing to do with actual politics, but that's not a bad thing at this point.


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