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Happy New Year, everyone! I had an awesome New Year's Eve that lasted well into New Year's Day, which is a great way to start the year.

Clearing out some fannish loose ends from the old year:

For Yuletide I wrote Sports Night (shocker!) --

The Team Player
In which Kim saves Sports Night, because somebody has to.
3,568 words

And this is mostly for my own reference so I can find them again --

A couple weeks ago, I did that meme with snippets from fics I never wrote, and here are the not!fics requested (all Merlin -- shocker!)

[ profile] lolafeist asked for The Modern AU where Arthur has no memory of his past and Merlin is the psychiatrist trying to help him remember who he was

[ profile] incapricious asked for The one where Merlin introduces Arthur to Aithusa

[ profile] reni_m asked for That one where Arthur gets a new crown

[ profile] rotrude asked for The one where Merlin and Arthur are archaeologists à la Indy Jones

[ profile] rufflefeather asked for The one time Merlin actual is in the tavern

[ profile] nympha_alba asked for The one where Arthur happens to be outside Gaius' door and finds out about Merlin's magic

[ profile] tracy7307 asked for The one where alien!Merlin gives human!Arthur another anal probe (sequel to my alien!Merlin pthon entry)
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