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Someone just came into my office to deliver a FedEx and caught me trawling Facebook -- for purely work-related purposes! But there was no conversational opening in which to mention that, so now she probably thinks I'm a total slacker.

Oh well. Guess that means I might as well slack off!

Things I've been meaning to post all week:

* Interesting perspectives on the UK rioting/looting:
-- Penny Red - Panic on the streets of London
-- Eyewitness account of neighborhood looting

Stay safe, UK flist.

* On this side of the pond, the state of society is less flammable, but no less depressing -- How America turned poverty into a crime by Barbara Ehrenreich, an afterward to her book Nickeled and Dimed in its 10th anniversary.

* In the potentially world-changing (in a good way) news department -- New drug could cure nearly any viral infection

* For my greenies, some cool Android apps to help with environmentally safe and non-toxic shopping --

I'm not linking to the one about the effects of cell phone radiation. *g*

And back to the shallow waters of fandom--

* I think I am not going to finish my [profile] reel_merlin story by the deadline. This kind of breaks my heart, but there's just still too much to do and I refuse to shortchange this story except by the limitations of my own abilities. I will keep working on it and post when I'm done (assuming that's before the next round!)

* I have submitted my final votes and PTHON IS DONE. I have at least survived with my perfect participation record intact, if not my dignity.

* Update on my computer woes -- My desktop, which had previously succumbed to a really vicious Windows 7 security update, is up and running again, seemingly no worse for the wear! I had to reinstall Windows, but thanks to Dell's DataSafe emergency backup (which I didn't even know I had), I did not lose anything. EVEN MY CHROME TABS WERE SAVED, which of course, is the most important thing because that's where all the stories I haven't read yet live. And there are a lot of them.


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