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* Got my [ profile] merlin_holidays assignment! I'm very excited and have already started writing a bit, though I have a ton of research to do before I can get too far into the plot. But it's going to be fun, I hope.

* I'm also scribbling away at two fics for round 1 of [ profile] marguerite_26 and [ profile] novemberlite's Kinkspiration Challenge. Am sincerely hoping I don't somehow drop dead with this notebook open somewhere; would be harder to explain than usual.

* Duran Duran News! John Taylor is publishing his autobiography. It's due out next fall. Needless to say, I will be pre-ordering that shit.

John's description: “This book recounts the million tiny seductions that are required to make the journey from English suburbia to selling out Madison Square Garden—seductions that go by a hundred different names; family, friendship, romances, collaborations and strategic alliances. Here is my journey and where it took me; into fantastic success, more than a little decadence, darkness, and finally, I like to think, a little enlightenment.”

Maybe it'll finally push me to finish the last Questioning story.
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Fill out your sign-up form in advance!
Sign-up posts open Monday, September 26! 10AM EDT // 2PM GMT // 3PM BST

That's in just half an hour!

Shoot, that means I only have half an hour to think of one...more...stupid...prompt. Help, what do I want to read???


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