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I'm finally back in the office today after an involuntarily extended holiday break. It can pretty much be summed up by an exchange I just had with one of my co-workers:

Co-worker: Where did you go for the holidays?

Me: New Jersey.

Co-worker: LOL! And how'd that work out for you?

It was actually a very nice extended holiday weekend, despite the blizzard and the 2 feet of snow and the 5 hours on the New Jersey Fucking Turnpike. My very favorite presents were the Merlin stories I got from both [personal profile] chelseafrew and [personal profile] anna_zee. We had Boxing Day plans to go into NYC to see American Idiot (my last chance to see it while my very favorite Broadway singer and one of the very, very few people who can make me pay for and sit through a play of any kind, is still in it), which abruptly got moved up to Christmas night after hearing the 6 o'clock news. Did you know that an hour's drive into the city can be accomplished in 20 minutes when there's no traffic and you're very motivated?

When the snow did come, it gave me lots of time to read yuletide, which was a nice change from last year. I read in probably a dozen fandoms and found some truly excellent stories, all of which have been repeatedly recommended over on the yuletide community, so I'll spare you the repetition.

I did end up participating this year after all by writing a very, very last minute pinch hit/treat. Almost nobody is even looking at this particular fandom, but the recipient seemed to like it, so I'm content. Only 2 comments, but a handful of kudos, which made me feel much better. I can see why people worry about the kudos supplanting comments, but I'm fairly certain that the people who left me kudos probably weren't going to comment at all otherwise, so I'm happy to have the extra affirmation. All in all, I approve of the feature.

In contrast, I am really far behind on Merlin fic, both reading and writing.

Everyone else staying unfrozen out there?


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