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I finally managed to type up the wee little Merlin story I was writing during my Royal Wedding all-nighter last week, an epilogue to a story I haven't actually written (yet).

I went and posted it at the Royal Wedding Fest, even though it's pretty clear I missed the bandwagon there. But just in case there's anyone who isn't royal weddinged out yet, it's over here --

Sketches from A Royal Wedding

There, now I can work on those DVD commentaries I owe. And also maybe read something! You never know!


Speaking of reading, I've been stuck playing the role of de facto meeting planner all week, which has been kind of fun, but involved a lot of sitting around during some very dry sessions. This allowed me to finally finish reading Game of Thrones, and now my emotions are all in a riot but I can't go seek out discussion because I haven't read the other three books yet.



Speaking of other things I'm behind on (i.e., life), I went to a mortgage seminar given by my credit union the other week. It's looking more and more likely that within the next year or two, my mother is going to have to come and live with me, due to her housing assistance getting cut more and more. This can obviously not happen in my tiny one-bedroom apartment, so I've been looking into what it would take to buy something that would allow us to live together without going completely insane (she refuses to consider anything where she doesn't have her own bathroom, a yard, and is within scooter-distance of thrift store shopping).

The answer turns out to be, approximately twice what I can actually afford. Not that I can afford to buy anything right now -- holy crap, y'all, it takes a lot of cold, hard cash to buy a house! I think I need a second job.


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