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Okay, Merlin flisters, seriously, you have got to stop posting those unbelievably hot pictures of Colin and Bradley.

Every time I check my flist, my brain shorts out for several minutes at a time.

I'm starting to worry about potential longterm neurological impairment.


Today has been an exceptionally exciting sporting day, as well. First, the World Cup -- need I say more about that??

And then Wimbledon, which normally isn't something I even follow much. But between the epic (and still not finished!) match and the Guardian's liveblog of same, it distracted me all afternoon.

Not that it takes much for that, but still.
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It's funny how watching World Cup makes me happy like the Olympics used to, when the Olympics no longer do. It's that feeling of submersing oneself in international competition with all the intensity and passion. I think the difference is the truly crappy Olympic coverage we've been getting in the US the last couple of Olympiads. So far, ESPN seems to be doing a good job of just shutting up and getting on with the football.

Now if I could just figure out how to get the matches at work....
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For those of us getting getting geared up for the upcoming US-England World Cup match (or just anyone who enjoys watching Yanks and Brits trash talk each other):

The United States Ambassador to the UK makes a wager with the United Kingdom Ambassador to the US

courtesy of the fab ontd_football community.


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