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Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on us at last. It's not too bad here yet - lots of rain and wind, but it's only just getting to the point where I don't feel comfortable going out in it. This morning I ran out for a last minute emergency chocolate run to Trader Joe's. They said they'd be open until the power went out, and didn't seem terribly concerned. They were even restocking the frozen food section.

I'm technically supposed to be working, but my internet keeps going out and now I can't connect to my work computer. Oh well! Fanfic it is.

[ profile] chelseafrew has come over to bunker down here. Today is her birthday and she really, really dislikes bad weather, so it's rather a bummer for her. I am planning to ply her with television until the power goes out and then chocolate after that.

Last night we went to see the movie-broadcast of the National Theatre's production of <a href="><i>The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time</i></a>. It was totally amazing, but the most unintentionally hilarious moment came with the introduction of a character, whose name was announced as Sandy. It was not a funny moment, but everyone in our theater cracked up. There's no escaping it! Hope everyone on this coast is staying safe, dry, and warm!


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