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Title: The Tournament of All Magicks
Author: Cori Lannam ([ profile] corilannam)
Pairings/characters: Arthur/Merlin, Gaius, Morgause
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 41,321
Warnings/Spoilers: Highlight to read: Contains an element of sexual assault. If you need more details to know whether you can safely read, please PM or email me! Spoilers for all of S1 and S2, and some of my own speculation of what might happen in S3 based on the rumors (but no specific spoilers).
Summary: Merlin is invited to compete in a tournament of magic. Sure, he'd like to become the champion of all Albion, but first he has to get past giant creatures, a seductive sorceress, and the crown prince of Camelot.

Author's notes: Thanks as always to: [ profile] chelseafrew and [ profile] anna_zee for large quantities of handholding and beta work (larger than usual!); to my faboo vidding artist [ profile] mamoru22 for her patience and the awesome trailer she did for the story (see below! leave her lots of feedback so I can talk her into doing another vid for the story!); to the great mods and support community that made this challenge happen; and to the United States Department of Defense.

All comments and concrit are welcome. I would love to hear anything you liked or didn't like about the story!

Art link:

Disclaimer: This particular incarnation of the Arthurian myth is the legal property of the BBC. I get paid only in comments.

The scrap of parchment came into being in a slow, smoky curl on Gaius's work table )


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