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Someone just came into my office to deliver a FedEx and caught me trawling Facebook -- for purely work-related purposes! But there was no conversational opening in which to mention that, so now she probably thinks I'm a total slacker.

Oh well. Guess that means I might as well slack off!

Things I've been meaning to post all week:

* Interesting perspectives on the UK rioting/looting:
-- Penny Red - Panic on the streets of London
-- Eyewitness account of neighborhood looting

Stay safe, UK flist.

* On this side of the pond, the state of society is less flammable, but no less depressing -- How America turned poverty into a crime by Barbara Ehrenreich, an afterward to her book Nickeled and Dimed in its 10th anniversary.

* In the potentially world-changing (in a good way) news department -- New drug could cure nearly any viral infection

* For my greenies, some cool Android apps to help with environmentally safe and non-toxic shopping --

I'm not linking to the one about the effects of cell phone radiation. *g*

And back to the shallow waters of fandom--

* I think I am not going to finish my [profile] reel_merlin story by the deadline. This kind of breaks my heart, but there's just still too much to do and I refuse to shortchange this story except by the limitations of my own abilities. I will keep working on it and post when I'm done (assuming that's before the next round!)

* I have submitted my final votes and PTHON IS DONE. I have at least survived with my perfect participation record intact, if not my dignity.

* Update on my computer woes -- My desktop, which had previously succumbed to a really vicious Windows 7 security update, is up and running again, seemingly no worse for the wear! I had to reinstall Windows, but thanks to Dell's DataSafe emergency backup (which I didn't even know I had), I did not lose anything. EVEN MY CHROME TABS WERE SAVED, which of course, is the most important thing because that's where all the stories I haven't read yet live. And there are a lot of them.
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Today I am working on a proposal for work and making a few dozen last-minute neurotic tweaks to my big bang. Tomorrow I will post my big bang. After that, I will enjoy the first bit of non- deadline freedom I've had since, what, March?

I expect the freedom to be rather heady. I already have a big to-do list to look forward to:

1) Get ready for DragonCon! Some of you are going to be there, right?

2) Clean the Slough of Despond (aka, my apartment after months of writer's block). Clean ALL the things? Well, I'd settle for cleaning a FAIR NUMBER of the things.

3) Finish decorating my new office (with my oh-so-professional Kermit the Frog posters).

4) Write all the LJ posts I haven't gotten around to (because you all want to hear a little more about Adam Lambert, I know!)

5) Dive into the kink meme and find a kinky prompt I can write without embarrassment because nobody will ever know it was me.

6) Read a book. An ACTUAL BOOK.

7) Figure out why Inception is suddenly a fandom.

8) Catch up on Sherlock and White Collar eps (now that I get!)

9) And most importantly, of course, catch up on all the fic I've missed over the last few months. The reel fics! The big bangs! Everything in between!*

*This is probably the thing on my list that I'm actually going to do.
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I had a pretty great weekend, despite not being at VividCon yet again. It was the first weekend in a couple of months that I didn't have to work at least one day, so on that basis alone it was a big win.

Saturday I worked on big bang -- which actually means I cleaned, cooked, and read other people's big bangs. Finally, very late in the evening, the writing started flowing again. So I wrote until 2, and then lay in bed with the story buzzing in my head until 4. Not useful, brain!

Despite that, Sunday I managed to crawl out of bed and hie myself down to Rock Creek Park, for a delightful stroll with [ profile] mellacita. Strangely, exercise is considerably more fun when you can babble with someone about fun and interesting things. We also saw nifty wildlife - baby deer, chipmunks, doggies, and small humans.

I closed out the weekend going up to Merriweather Post with [ profile] chelseafrew, [ profile] stellermeadow, and [ profile] meeby to see the Barenaked Ladies -- and this little dude named Kris Allen. Admittedly, I went for Kris Allen, but BNL were hands-down the best part of the night. I've always liked their music, but never seen them live. Now I really want to see them live again, because they gave a totally joyful and hilarious performance.

Oh, and Kris was pretty good, too. Scruffy little pup.

This week: Launch the second wave of a fun little study. Write on two proposals. Talk to homophobes. Finish big bang come hell or high water. Watch that Sherlock Holmes thingy.


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