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I had a pretty great weekend, despite not being at VividCon yet again. It was the first weekend in a couple of months that I didn't have to work at least one day, so on that basis alone it was a big win.

Saturday I worked on big bang -- which actually means I cleaned, cooked, and read other people's big bangs. Finally, very late in the evening, the writing started flowing again. So I wrote until 2, and then lay in bed with the story buzzing in my head until 4. Not useful, brain!

Despite that, Sunday I managed to crawl out of bed and hie myself down to Rock Creek Park, for a delightful stroll with [ profile] mellacita. Strangely, exercise is considerably more fun when you can babble with someone about fun and interesting things. We also saw nifty wildlife - baby deer, chipmunks, doggies, and small humans.

I closed out the weekend going up to Merriweather Post with [ profile] chelseafrew, [ profile] stellermeadow, and [ profile] meeby to see the Barenaked Ladies -- and this little dude named Kris Allen. Admittedly, I went for Kris Allen, but BNL were hands-down the best part of the night. I've always liked their music, but never seen them live. Now I really want to see them live again, because they gave a totally joyful and hilarious performance.

Oh, and Kris was pretty good, too. Scruffy little pup.

This week: Launch the second wave of a fun little study. Write on two proposals. Talk to homophobes. Finish big bang come hell or high water. Watch that Sherlock Holmes thingy.


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