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Whew! I am back from my vacation, which... I did not actually mention going on because it was a bit of a last minute kind of thing and I had very limited internet.

[ profile] chelseafrew and [ profile] meeby and I went up to borrow a beach house in Hyannis and spent an extended holiday weekend enjoying the sun (until it pulled an attitude), sights, and a lot of ice cream. Finally made it to Martha's Vineyard and got a glimpse of the Kennedy compound.

I got almost nothing done on my big bang. Eep.

We did have one fannish moment, courtesy of [ profile] chelseafrew's Adam Lambert t-shirt. She was wearing the one with the big glam Eye of Horus:

We were at a flea market, and she got a lot of comments on the shirt, but the best one was from the people running a booth with cute baby/toddler t-shirts. The conversation went like this:

YOUNGER WOMAN AT BOOTH: Oh, that's a great t-shirt. Is that from Aida?
CHELSEAFREW: No, it's Adam Lambert. He was the runner up on American Idol last year.
YOUNGER WOMAN AT BOOTH: Oh, right. I think I remember which one he was. I always get him mixed up with the one who won... what was his name?
YOUNGER WOMAN AT BOOTH: Um, yeah, I guess.
OLDER WOMAN AT BOOTH (a little aggressively): One of our relatives was on that season.
ME: Oh, really?
OLDER WOMAN AT BOOTH: Yeah. Danny Gokey.
ME: ... oh, right. I hear he's doing very well now!
OLDER WOMAN AT BOOTH: His album just came out.
OLDER WOMAN AT BOOTH: Anyway, we're related to him.
ME and CHELSEAFREW: That's awesome! (backing away quickly)

Yeah, sure you don't remember which one Adam Lambert was, lady.

Anyway, hi to the new Merlin friends! I am collecting you now (in a non-creepy way, I promise) in the hopes of someday being able to discuss Merlin here and having someone actually care. Whee!
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Just got home from Adam's DC concert at the 9:30 Club. OMG, best concert ever. Definitely better than any of the other shows we'd been to. Even Neil agrees.

Thanks to chelseafrew, who waited in line all day and even through a thunderstorm, we got the perfect location against the balcony railing, right at the corner of the stage. Perfect viewpoint to watch the choreography and see everyone's face. That is one happy troupe of performers, y'all. And Adam is smooth enough that even his gestures to the sound board guys look like choreography if you can't see where he's looking.


-- Adam chattering and flirting like crazy with the crowd. ("You are a sexy fucking bunch of people. I'm getting distracted. All heated up - or maybe that's the Jack Daniels." "Are you soaked now? I'm dripping wet. It's hot, they should turn up the air conditioning, that's what I meant!")


-- Adam trying to jerk off Tommy's bass.

-- Glitter everywhere! We were up in the balcony right by the stage, and from that angle Adam SPARKLED the entire time. Also, the audience was also very glittery, which Adam seemed to appreciate.

-- LASERS! Okay, fine, they had those at Ram's Head last night, too, and at Nokia, but I swear they were prettier tonight!

-- EVERYTHING ELSE! Seriously, for a relatively small production, this is such a well-put together show and really shows Adam's personality in every detail. Everything is sexy as hell, and Adam's voice is every bit as incredible in person as you think it is.

Okay, I desperately have to get to bed, or even the afterglow won't get me through tomorrow. Will report back if I remember more awesome things.
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I'm very tired, so I'll just give you a quick rundown of my initial impressions of Adam Lambert's Glam Nation show (with special guest Allison Iraheta):







Hmm. Was there anything else? No, I think that's it. Okay, good night!
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1) Tomorrow I will be seeing ADAM LAMBERT live in concert. And the day after tomorrow, too!

2) I had to rewrite the last several scenes of my reel_merlin story to be more compliant with the movie. I am so ready to be done with this thing and move on to big bang. I also spent several hours researching for one throwaway line that I then... threw away (or at least deleted). I swear, I have done way too much research for a story based on a cheesy fantasy show and a cheesy apocalypse movie. If anyone ever asks for a DVD commentary for this story, the commentary will probably be longer than the story (which is already too long).

3) As a demonstration of why I am no longer allowed to buy hardcover books, I just finished Shatterpoint, the Star Wars novel about Mace Windu that came out in the year *mumblety*. I actually forgot I hadn't read it until I went to get rid of it and couldn't remember what happened. I almost wish I had read it way back then, when I would have enjoyed the admittedly excellent ass kicking without as much consciousness of the heavy race and gender fail in the thing. If you ever actually wanted a rewrite of Heart of Darkness as a Star Wars novel, I can point you to one.

4) I had the loveliest dream last night! I almost never dream about my fannish interests, but last night I dreamed that Arthur was a young Prince of Wales and was openly dating Merlin while they were at Eton together. Then Merlin decided he wanted to go to Harvard, and Arthur held a press conference announcing that he was going, too. Everyone was like, but Arthur, aren't you just going because your boyfriend wants to go? He just smirked and said, so what? It's Harvard, it's not like I'm slumming it.

I want someone to actually write that.

This was considerably better than the nightmare I had the other night related to points 2 and 3 above, in which I was preparing for the end of the world by helping build little concealment covers for Jedi lightsabers, because using the Force was going to be illegal after the apocalypse (Emperor Uther?)

5) And an update on my tech troubles: my work computer works now (obviously), my netbook still has a dead keyboard after trying every possible solution Google could find (except replacing the keyboard--I ordered a new one on ebay--if that doesn't work, heck if I know what to do), and my kitchen sink seems to be draining properly once more (thanks, [personal profile] taffimai!)


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