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I am so, SO amused that John Taylor friended me back on Facebook this morning (me and everyone else who friends him). There are so many ways this could get embarrassing fast! I do not trust Duranies to behave themselves in public.

But he seems to be having a great time (re)discovering social media, tweeting up the new single, leaving reviews for it on iTunes and then posting screencaps to his wall, etc. It shouldn't surprise me, since John's always been the Duran who likes interacting online with fans (at a safe, exhibitionist distance), but there's still something a little surreal about the whole thing.

I am not going to ask him to join my mafia, although the temptation is very nearly overwhelming.

However, I am going to go back and edit all of my old JoSi fics to include a very unfortunate Farmville addiction for Mr. J. Taylor. Just because it entertains me.


Angry Birds Update:

The Seasonal edition is WAY HARD. But after a great deal of anger, I prevailed at last. Suck it, level 1-1!

Oh, Monday

Dec. 13th, 2010 10:21 am
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Oh, Monday.


Thank you for all the good wishes for my mom's surgery. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen as quickly as I had thought. She had some tests done which revealed three separate infections throughout her system (2 different staph infections and one fungal). Obviously, surgery is not going to be a good idea until those get cleared up.

She's gone on keflex for the staph infections. Unfortunately, she can't get the drugs she needs for the other infection until January 1, because her current senior RX plan is dropping Colorado at the end of the year and they've decided they don't want to pay for anything that expensive this late in the game. This particular medication is $500 even in the generic form, so she has to wait until her new plan kicks in at the beginning of the year. I tried to get her to let me pay for it, but she's stubborn.

Yes, health care in this country is just groovy! No problems at all!


I finally got a decent cell phone (Android!), now that Virgin is offering $25/month data plans. I've never been willing to pay $100 a month for a cell phone I don't use that much, but $25 to cover texting, web, and 5 hours of phone (more than I'll ever use) works for me. Unfortunately, the data connection doesn't seem to work most of the time. I guess that's what you get for the extra $75?

But I did manage to download Angry Birds. I'm stuck on level 1-6. Damn pigs with their smug snickering.


My fannish energy is rather low at the moment, though I have an intermittent urge to write, if not read. I keep poking at all the things I want to work on in the hopes that something will twitch:

-- my old unfinished Big Bang from 2 years ago where Arthur is captured and sold into the gladiatorial rings (I had abandoned this, but somehow feel inspired again after the last couple episodes of the season. Go figure.)

-- any one of the reel merlin stories I'd like to write, if there's another round. (I already have a good start on a Dirty Dancing story, though my chances of getting that in the actual fest are slim. If not that, I have bunnies for The Eagle and, strangely, Due Date.)

-- plus the usual slew of kinky PWPs for the kmm.

I dunno. Still no energy. I need to find more Arthur fans to talk to.*

*Arthur fans who are not bat-shit crazy cyber-bullies.**
**Not referring to any of you guys, obviously.


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