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I honestly just don't have a lot of mental energy left right now between all the actual writing I've been doing, so this week I'm just going to liveblog my thoughts about the ep as I watch.

Merlin 5.06 )

Merlin 5.05

Nov. 4th, 2012 11:38 pm
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Oh God, I'm so far behind this week! I hope people still want to talk about this, because I'm all abuzz from this episode.

Spoilers for 5.05 )
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Settle in with a cuppa, 'cause I may have a lot of feelings about this episode.

Spoilers for Merlin 5.03 )

And that seems a good note to end on and remind you to go write a little something for [ profile] magnolia822's MERLIN SEASON 5 COMMENT FEST
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It was late when I got home last night, and then I had to watch the episode twice, so I ended up too tired to write up my thoughts before I passed out. Sorry, [ profile] destina!

So, I requested a really kick-ass episode for my birthday. Let's see if the Beeb delivered with Arthur's Bone Bane Part 2 (because a bad joke never gets old....)

Merlin 5.02 )
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Okay, I finally got to watch the two-part season finale of Merlin. Anyone still interested in talking about it?

Spoilers for Merlin 4.12 and 4.13 )

Okay, bring on the hiatus fic, bitches. What's the speculation for S5?
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Spoilers for Merlin 4.11 )
So, next week looks exciting, yes? I can't believe there are only two episodes left. And I kind of want to go look for spoilers for the finale, but I just can't face it yet!
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So I'm finally watching last week's Merlin. Yes, last week's.

A few notes as I watch on Merlin 4.09 - Lancelot du Lac )

Okay, on to this week's....
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Argh, so very late on this. And so very long.

Random note: it was really funny hearing John Hurt doing the opening credits VO this week after having just seen him playing...almost the same role in Immortals.

Spoilers for 4.07 - The Secret Sharer )
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Okay, I know that's not really the title, but I don't remember what it actually was and I haven't read my flist yet and I'm so late on this because yesterday was my BFF's bday and I was fete'ing her into the wee hours and my thoughts are so teal this week that probably nobody's going to read it anyway.

And on that note....

When king is all there is to be )

Okay, off to read all of your reactions now and hope people aren't tired of discussing the ep yet. We should discuss Merlin all week, Y/Y?


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