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-- Why can't I write? No, seriously, why? I know the story, I can see it in my head, but in the past 4 nights of staring at the document, I've rewritten the same sentence 7 times. And that's it. Not boding well for my yuletide sign-up panic.

-- I am much more excited than I need to be about Prince William's engagement. This is partially because I am quite guilty of the stereotypical American romanticism with regard to other people's royalty. But mostly, it's because it gets me all excited about the story I desperately want to read about the wedding of modern Prince of Wales Arthur and his boyfriend Merlin. You know. The story that people keep almost but not quite writing (including me).

-- [personal profile] lydiabell passed along this Open letter to the SUNY Albany president regarding the axing of several language and other humanities programs. It's a beautiful explanation of why I'm glad my university had so many core requirements in language, philosophy, political theory, and even religion and why I don't regret ending up a shiftless humanities in international studies major.

-- I just wrote most of a long and detailed comment on someone's amazing story, and then my browser crashed and lost the whole thing. ARGH.

-- You all saw the really hot Merlin picture yesterday, right? Right? Are you sure? We could look at it again. If you wanted.


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