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Well, we certainly saw it coming a mile away (or really about 4 years away -- as Colin pointed out in his statement, it was always supposed to be a 5-year show). Yet I'm still having a lot of pretty unhappy emotions at the news that the show is, in fact, ending after the current season.

I'm tremendously sad that I won't see Colin and Bradley (and all the rest) on screen in their ridiculous outfits anymore, though I am happy that they can move on to bigger and better things. I'm sad that there won't be many more adorable moments of Merlin and Arthur proving they're the real married couple on this show.

And now that we're 3/4 of the way through the final season, I'm mourning all the things I wanted from this show that it's now clear I won't ever get.

* a redemption arc for Morgana

* Merlin and Arthur having a long time to work out the consequences from a reveal

* Merlin taking his true place as an equal around the Round Table

* Merlin having an adorable storyline with Aithusa

* Having Gwaine's backstory revealed and explored

* Having cool storylines for the knights, preferably with Merlin

That being said, I was always much more in love with the fandom and fanfic than I ever was with the show, so I don't see this as any sort of death knell for my love of these characters or my participation in the fandom. If that ends, it won't be because of the show.
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