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So here are a few shorter snippets:

* Spartacus! I mainlined the entire series of Spartacus in under two weeks, and fuck the gods, I am completely obsessed. Not just with Agron/Nasir (although, hello, awesome), but the entire show and everyone in it. It's always been on my to-watch list because I love anything set in the ancient world, but I also thought it was pretty much blood spatter and boobie porn. It is both of those things, but also much more. The historical accuracy is relatively impressive, the characters are complex and fascinating, and it raises a lot of fascinating questions about society, survival, and self-determination.

And peeking over the fourth wall, the cast and producers seem utterly delightful. Though I have to say, they all seem just a little too chipper on Twitter about the emotional devastation they're going to be wreaking upon their fans tonight with the finale.

The fandom seems very scattered, but I guess, what fandom isn't these days? I found a few good stories on AO3, but it seems depressingly sparse compared to the Merlin treasure trove I've been wallowing in for the last 5 years. Gratitude for recs you may have.

Also, it means I have to start actually paying attention to the flashback scenes on Arrow, since Manu Bennett is in them and I have developed quite a thing for him.

* Writing! My story for Paper Legends is plodding along very slowly. I have the plot all outlined, but I feel like the emotional storyline hasn't gelled yet. This has slowed me down to a crawl. On the brighter side, I just have to do some editing for Perverse Bang, and then my 20K gangbang will finally see the light of day, for better or worse.

* Torvill and Dean! Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, the legendary British ice dancers, were my fandom back when I was 17. Now they're on Twitter. Yes, they both use the same account. Yes, they tweet the most mundane things imaginable (the weather, workouts, pictures of lunch and coffee). Yes, Chris tweets much more than Jayne does. In short, they are exactly what you would expect them to be and I find it hilariously charming.

* Fake school! The last several months, I've started to pine to go back to school. I found a way to at least dip my toes back in with the recent rise of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) from and Fake courses from real universities! Or maybe real courses for fake students? I dunno, but it's fun. I'm taking a bunch of random stuff like calculus, statistics, computer programming, and Greek history. Definitely overextending myself, which is a good lesson to learn before I try it for real.

* And everything else I had thought about posting is now either out of date or too boring to even interest me. How are you all doing?

Date: 2013-04-13 09:01 pm (UTC)
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Torvill and Dean on Twitter is so bizarre to me. They were my fandom when I was 11. Just to think about how different everything is now... ::flails::

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